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8 Tips to hiring a Denver Roofing Co.


Roofing salesmen are the crown jewel of face to face sales these days. They run circles around a used car salesman and most politicians running for office. Most are smooth talking profit driven animals that can convince a judge that the sky is red. Now that may obviously be blown out of proportion but don't be fooled by their facade.

Roofing in Colorado is a billion dollar business. The abundance of potential projects causes an influx of unscrupulous "contractors." They all know that unsealed windows, chipping paint, and fading siding can all be put off into the future at first sight of flaw. The one thing that cannot be ignored is a home's roof. This is the reason these scam artists prey on homeowners especially in the Columbine State. 

In reality business cards, sales brochures, contracts, and uniforms only cost one thousand dollars. A very minimal investment to make in their scam, given the profit potential in return. So how can you decipher the good guys from the bad? Here are several tips Royal Roofing recommends when hiring a roofer in the Denver metro area:

1. Talk to your neighbors, colleagues, or family members and see who they have hired. 
As the old saying goes, "Those that are happy may tell one or two people but those that are upset may tell ten or more."

2. Checking with the Better Business Bureau and online reviews.
The BBB is not very informative as to the nature of complaints filed. It is tough to decipher valid and invalid complaints. Use online review services but with the good and bad remember: some good reviews can be fake and some customers are unsatisfiable.

3. Use Google to verify the legitimacy of their business.
Make sure they have a website. If they don't have a website with past project photos, that is a major Red Flag. Verify their business is an office address with signage on a building and not a person's house. Most home based roofers have no money or bad credit and float job to job. Plus a warranty is worthless if they are no longer in business.

4. Past project references are expected, current job sites are recommended.
Every roofer that comes to your door has "done a project right down the street." Call their bluff; ask him the address and name/number of the clients. I recommend you drive over there and see it for yourself or attempt to contact the client and obtain relevant feedback After all you are hiring them for a $7,000+ renovation on your home. A person's word can only go so far.

5. Call five, meet with three, and hire the one.
Never hire the first roofer you talk to. Always ask to see another company's bid first. A trustworthy roofer is hard to find, so trust your instincts. When you feel good or bad about them, follow your gut. Don't forget that roofers have costs associated with providing our "free" estimates. Please, don't overdo it and call 10 different Denver roofing companies, your goal is to get a high quality new roof, not interview every guy with a truck and a ladder on it.

6. Recognize that there is a major difference between price and cost.
In the end your insurance company allots extra money for supplements or items that fall within code requirements. Just because one estimate is the highest doesn't make it wrong. In fact they are often most in tune with current costs of higher quality materials. Either way every roofer you hire is predominantly using your insurance company to pay for it. So EVERY bid changes to match exactly what your insurance company is willing to pay. You could have three different companies insuring the exact same property and get three very different quotes for replacement from each of them individually. There is no rhyme or reason behind their payouts and they all have different guidelines and policies. It comes down to the quality of the materials your roofer is offering not the price of their estimate.

7. Separate the good, bad, and the ugly.
Bar none every potential roofer has to carry at least $2,000,000 in general liability insurance and a worker's compensation policy of at least $500,000. If they lack EITHER they are not a credible contractor. Also if they require ANY money before the roofing project is complete that's a Red Flag. Most reliable roofers are debt free and do not need your money to complete the job. At Royal Roofing you don't pay a cent until you are content! Lastly check their warranty offerings. If the Labor portion is not Lifetime then you can get a better deal. Labor warranties lasting 5 or 10 years are a common trap used by dishonest roofers to make you file another insurance claim every 5 or 10 years. They are taking advantage of your insurance company and you in the process.

8. Singing before buying
Absolutely do not sign any contract until your Insurance Co. has approved an amount on the claim, and you have chosen a contractor. Fly by night roofers and ilegitimate companies often lie in order to get you to sign a contract, they will tell you they need it in order to work with your insurance company on the claim. This binds you to a contract, so before you sign be sure you choose the right comapny to do the work.

  • Great company. They were always courteous and professional while at our home. Our new roof looks great and Cody made sure everything was done properly at every stage of the process, while letting us know what was going on the whole time.

    - Valerie C

  • I strongly recommend Royal Roofing. There was a leak in my roof going into a bedroom and my insurance company didn’t think it warranted a new roof. Royal Roofing did their due diligence and made sure I got exactly what I needed. A+

    - Tim R

  • After dealing with another roofing company at our old home, it was a relief to work with Royal Roofing. Their marketing program helped out a lot and they even were able to put new gutters on our house that didn’t cost anything extra. Very cool.

    - Gary H

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