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Boulder, CO - Wood Shake Roof Mandate

The fire that started yesterday in Boulder has provided a good opportunity for us to give homeowners in Boulder a heads up on a new roofing law. The city of Boulder has decided that any house with a roof consisting of at least 50% wooden shingles MUST BE REPLACED by January 1st, 2014 or homeowners will be facing fines at, or exeeding $1000 per month until in compliance.

Wood shake roofs have usually have either a C class (minimal protection) fire rating, or no fire rating at all. So why has Boulder decided to issue and enforce this mandate? Simply due to the fact that wood shake roofs dramatically increase the risk of structure loss in a wildfire, and unfortunately as we’re all seeing, wildfires are virtually consuming our state right now.

Properly installed A class roofing materials can protect your house from wildfires. Usually structures are in danger of burning in 3 ways: 1)Direct fire exposure 2)Extreme heat exposure 3)Airborne firebrands. Most homes burn down from airborne firebrands (hot embers/burning ash) landing on your roof. If the roof is wood shake, it provides an easy ignition system for these embers to light.

Boulder Residents: Royal Roofing is offering NEIGHBORHOOD DISCOUNTS for wood shake roofing replacements. If you have a minimum of 3 homes in the same neighborhood that fall under the mandate, WE WILL GIVE YOU A GROUP DISCOUNT of $1000 per home

  • Great company. They were always courteous and professional while at our home. Our new roof looks great and Cody made sure everything was done properly at every stage of the process, while letting us know what was going on the whole time.

    - Valerie C

  • I strongly recommend Royal Roofing. There was a leak in my roof going into a bedroom and my insurance company didn’t think it warranted a new roof. Royal Roofing did their due diligence and made sure I got exactly what I needed. A+

    - Tim R

  • After dealing with another roofing company at our old home, it was a relief to work with Royal Roofing. Their marketing program helped out a lot and they even were able to put new gutters on our house that didn’t cost anything extra. Very cool.

    - Gary H

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Boulder Wood Shake Replacement Special!

$500 off per roof replacement, but get your nieghbors together, and with 3 roof replacements we will deduct $1000 per job!

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