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Gutters protect your home's exterior and the ground above your foundation from the damaging effects of rain running off the roof. Aluminum gutters can rust over time and develop small holes when water lays stagnant in the gutter. The water corrodes the metal and causes the holes to form. An obstruction in the water flow is usually what causes rusted gutters. Leaves and debris prevent the water from moving out of the gutter so the water sets causing the gutter to rust. Problems with drainage can also cause water to set in your gutter.

Another common problem with aluminum gutters is loose and leaky joints. Having your gutters pull away from the frame of your home is not an uncommon problem. We see this gutter problem quite often in the field. We never try to denounce our competition but the issue probably originated with the original gutter installer. No need to worry because there are things that can be done to fix this issue. The original installer missed the wood planks in your rafters and the spikes were driven through the fascia board into nothing. Therefore leaving a heavy weight pulling an unsecure screw away from a board.

When most gutters are hung, they are secured to the fascia board with a hidden hanger or with a spike and ferrule. The fascia is only a one-inch thick piece of wood and the gutter can pull away easily when weight from debris is in the gutter. When we perform a re-secure or re-pitch we locate the joist in the roof that the fascia is attached to. We use a 9-inch spike so that it will pass through the gutter and fascia and rest in the joist for a more secure fit. If you have hidden hangers holding the gutter up, we relocate the hanger so that it will line up with the joist. 

In addition to these repairs, we can also seal the seams where two gutters come together. We first clean the area then apply a caulk designed for sealing gutters. Also, we can re-attach, replace, or add new downspouts. We will re-pitch your gutters securely and align them back to the correct operating slope. This repositioning will result in the slope of your gutters at 1″ for every 20 feet of gutter. Now the stress will be alleviated from the fascia board and the water will flow properly. Before we are done we make sure to test your gutters for proper drainage. Call us today to help increase the life of your gutters and protect your home from water damage.

  • Great company. They were always courteous and professional while at our home. Our new roof looks great and Cody made sure everything was done properly at every stage of the process, while letting us know what was going on the whole time.

    - Valerie C

  • I strongly recommend Royal Roofing. There was a leak in my roof going into a bedroom and my insurance company didn’t think it warranted a new roof. Royal Roofing did their due diligence and made sure I got exactly what I needed. A+

    - Tim R

  • After dealing with another roofing company at our old home, it was a relief to work with Royal Roofing. Their marketing program helped out a lot and they even were able to put new gutters on our house that didn’t cost anything extra. Very cool.

    - Gary H

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